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Hello, my name is Anna Linden. I work with the 12 archetypes system developed by Carol Pearson and diagnose according to the system of the "Idea-Class" school of Tatiana Bondarenko.

Each one of us is unique, and the archetypes system helps us recognize and express this uniqueness, without trying to follow other people's behavior strategies. When a fish understands and realizes that it is a fish, it begins to feel its fish strength and stops trying to climb trees or grow wings, wasting its energy in the process.

The path to yourself lies through interest and inner response. The best way to live your life is to follow your deepest desires, and to do it consciously. When we hear the call of our unconscious, accept its power and follow it, life becomes simpler, clearer, and filled with trust in the world, creativity, and love.

I live in Israel, and I work online, so wherever you are - it's easy to book a session.
What is an archetype?
The 12 archetypes system was created by Carol Pearson at the intersection of Jung's ideas and the study of mythological and literary plots.

In Pearson's theory, an archetype is a behavior strategy, a primitive social role that is "encoded" in our unconscious as a certain holistic image.
The archetypes that are more pronounced in our personality determine our key values, aspirations, motivation, and way of communicating with the world.
Why would anyone need this?
When you accept the call of your key archetypes, you receive a great boost of energy. Conversely, when you reject the manifestations of your main archetypes in yourself and try to appropriate other people's strategies, you might lose energy.

Archetypes also determine your deep desires, dreams and motivations - what makes your eyes light up, what excites you, what the meaning of life is for you.

Sometimes people are not aware of this and live according to other people's attitudes, trying to conform to the templates imposed on them from the outside - when in fact their unconscious wants something completely different.
Services and Prices
Any session can be conducted either online or offline in Tel Aviv. Prices are indicated in shekels, but can be paid in EUR or USD at the current exchange rate. A 5% commission is added to the price when paying with PayPal.
Archetypal Diagnostics
1200 NIS
With the help of diagnostics, you get a complete map to your inner treasures - strengths and hidden desires, true values and motivation. Your key archetypes are your inner "team", and each one of them has its own specific function. You will also understand what conflicts exist between your archetypes, which ones currently need your attention in order to give you more energy, and which ones are overloaded with work.


The process consists of a written homework and two meetings.
A homework is a few practices that you need to send in before the first meeting.

The first meeting lasts about 3-4 hours. During this meeting, we will engage in various associative and metaphoric practices, the purpose of which is to disable our usual rational reasoning and get in touch with the unconscious.

Then I will collect and analyze all the material and form a hypothesis about your archetypal "team", which I will tell you about in detail at the second meeting. The second meeting lasts about 2 hours.

True Direction Compass
350 NIS
What if we looked at life as a computer game?

We set ourselves goal after goal, pass quest after quest. But no one gives us instructions on how to live this life. We can watch others do it - experts, teachers, friends, loved ones - and repeat after them. And sometimes the goal itself turns out to be not at all what we really want, but what our environment wants from us.

But what if you had the opportunity to lay your own route? If you had a clear understanding of what archetypes would be your guides and what internal resources you need on the way, and complete control over the process?

I invite you on your own quest, in which you will learn more about yourself and begin to trust yourself and your inner supports.

It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature
250 NIS
Do you have situations in your life that come back again and again? Unpleasant intrusive thoughts that "run around in your head" or some kind of pattern in relationships with others that you would like to get rid of?

Maybe you think of it as a "bug" in yourself, a mistake that needs to be fixed. Maybe it makes you angry - you feel like something is controlling you beyond your will.

But what if you find out that it's actually not a bug, but a feature? That it's a mechanism that exists in your head for a reason, with some positive purpose for you?

This practice is like a flashlight that illuminates the dark corners and secret gears of this mechanism using the system of archetypes. It allows us to understand the essence of our inner tool, feel its reliability and start to control our reality. What we get in the end is an understanding of a piece of our inner workings, and therefore freedom of choice and a little more control over reality.

Group archetypal training
350 NIS
If a full diagnostic session too extensive at the moment, but the archetypes topic is of interest, participating in a group training will give you an understanding of some of your leading archetypes, and from this moment on you can start learning how to manage your strategies and get more energy and motivation from them.

It is perfect for those who love to learn everything in the company of other people and are energized by participating in groups.

And more than that, it will also give you an understanding of how other people really see you, how your archetypes "shine through" on what you broadcast externally and let you take a glance into what drives other people and how it's really different from you.

The training is designed for a group of 3 people and lasts 5 hours.

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